Covid-19 Updates

     Our printing vendors are experiencing significant delays due to Covid-19.  Their businesses were closed at the beginning of the pandemic, and they had to institute changes to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.  As all of that was unfolding, small business across the globe continued to submit orders. That led to a surge in order volume due to the vast numbers of people staying home and a shift to primarily online shopping.  Our printing vendors have had to scale their production while maintaining a safe work environment for their employees.  In the end, it has led to lengthy fulfillment times, and impacts on small businesses like ourselves that no one could have anticipated.

     Another unanticipated impact to our store has been the inability to add new designs and products.  Our vendors have paused the addition of new designs and products while they catch up on their backlog of orders.  Currently available products will still be fulfilled.  Our store is currently sitting on a giant stack of new designs just waiting to be revealed!

     Rest assured that when you order from our store, your order is a priority for us and the vendors we use.  We look forward to a return to pre-Covid fulfillment times, which had averaged approximately 7 days.  Please remember, each product you order from us is made especially for You once your order is submitted.  

     We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time, and look forward to celebrating our hometown and local history with you.  

Thanks!  From your friends at

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