Terre Haute Brewing 1837-1958 - Terre Haute Indiana

Designs inspired by the former Terre Haute Brewing which operated in Terre Haute from 1837-1958, and at one time was the 7th largest brewery in the United States.   When you think of Terre Haute history, we want you to think of EdgyHaute !

Former brands currently available in this collection:

  • 20 Grand Cream Ale
  • 76 Ale
  • America's Pride Lager
  • Barbarossa
  • Blackhawk Premium Beer
  • Bohemian Beer
  • Champagne Velvet Bock Beer
  • Champagne Velvet Cereal Beverage
  • Champagne Velvet Root Beer
  • Champagne Velvet Winter Bru
  • Radium Beer

These designs are not affiliated with any contemporary companies operating under similar names.  See below for further information.

Additional ink, shirt color or product combinations available upon request.

Designs available in both standard and distressed looks upon request.

Please note – this item is not endorsed by, produced by or affiliated with any contemporary companies or brands with similar names.  This item is provided for sale by EdgyHaute.com only, and not by any other company or brand.  This item should not be regarded as coming from any other source, company or brand.  This item is either an apparel or houseware item, and not a food, beverage or alcohol product, and should not be regarded as a food, beverage or alcohol product.  Our company does not produce or sell food, beverage or alcohol products, and should not be regarded as doing so.  This item does not dilute, diminish, blur or tarnish the strength or value of any other company’s or brand’s products or trademarks, and is in no way presented in an objectionable or distasteful manner.  Our products are a reverential celebration of local history and should be viewed as such.  This item is based on a historically produced product from a bygone company, long since out of production and trademark.  In the event that a current trademark exists for a product with a similar name, please note we are selling products in a different Goods and Services category, and those similarities should NOT be conflated as coming from any source other than EdgyHaute.com.

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